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Child Stars Out of Control

By Cheryl EngelkeYahoo! Contributor Network - December 24, 2010 4:31 PM PST
For years, Disney and other production companies, have turned out many child stars who have gone on to keep their image relatively squeaky clean. Some of the Disney alum, on the other hand, jumped right into the dirt of Hollywood. However, many child stars, not just Disney stars, have fallen into the traps of drug or alcohol addictions or simply just out-of -control behavior.
From earlier child stars, such as Danny BonaduceCorey FeldmanJodie SweetinStacy "Fergie" Ferguson, and Drew Barrymore, who have had addictions or other issues and overcome them to the unfortunate deaths of child stars such as Corey Haim and Brad Renfro; drug and other addictions are very real in child stars.
Recent news brings Amber Portwood beating her boyfriend Miley Cyrus' underage alcohol use, smoking a bong of legal hallucinogen Selvia, and pole dancing (to name the most recent) and Demi Lovato currently in rehab for "emotional and physical issues". Other child stars in the past involved in unquestionably outrageous behavior include Brittany SpearsLindsay Lohan, and Vanessa Hudgens.
There are child stars, though, that manage to hold on to the innocence of childhood and take their positions as role models for children and teens alike more seriously. Keri RussellJennifer Love Hewitt,Hilary Duff, Justin Timberlake top the list of child stars who have grown up in with the world watching and been able to maintain a relatively scandal free. Up and comers that are maintaining their clean lifestyle include the Jonas BrothersSelena Gomez, and sisters, Aly and A.J. Michalka.
No one knows for sure, although there are plenty of theories, why some child stars make it and some do not. You can blame the parents or you can blame the fame, but ultimately, it comes down to a choice. Child stars may have drugs, alcohol, and partying thrust into their face more readily than us normal folk, but they still have a choice.

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