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what a lady gaga !

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sometimes celebrities wear (gasp!) really unflattering outfits. It's not that we can blame them. Attempting to take some red carpet risks every now and then is in their job description. Ala, sometimes even the most stylish stars just can't make it work.

and for this time , this girl is really something ... i dont know what else to say .... she should never be an icon .. i swear ... 

Lady Gaga looked almost conservative when she accepted the "Video of the Year" award for "Bad Romance" at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night. 

[ It should just be a universal rule that it’s never, ever okay to wear your lunch as a fashion statement -- even if you’re Lady Gaga. ]

Has Lady Gaga outdone herself? do she really need to do that kind of thing ??? ... share your thoughts ...

p/s : cewahh .. mcm gud2 je speaking ... anyway , i saw the pictures of her on yahoo , so , aku google2 cket sal baju mentah nieh ... kahkahkah .. n kalau nmpak ayat sengal2 uh , biaselah , budak baru belajar ... ... i stopped adore her song when it comes to alejandro ...  :)


  1. n i stop singing her songs after i knew she is iluminiti's puppet...

  2. and I stopped adoring her when knowing she got a dick.